MSME Facilitation Centre

“Points of Single Contact” through which business can obtain information, complete necessary administrative procedures and handholdingsupport to obtain different statutory compliances and get relationship officers

Many Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises entrepreneurs are not conversant with the relevant Acts and rules, compliances, application forms, and the location of government offices to submit the applications for approvals certificates and licenses to start enterprises or to avail government incentives. Entrepreneurs were required to visit various offices to enquire, consult, and finally to submit applications.Apart from the runningaround, they often become victims of unscrupulous middlemen. Eve after all this, more visits were required to be made to follow up and finally collect certificates or licenses. This remained one of the biggest challenges and a disincentive for entrepreneurs who want to startnew venture, diversify or expand.

Every district now has an MSME Facilation Centre(MFC)erstwhile MSME Facilitation Centre (MFC) located in their respective area of operation. The MFCs are dedicated service providers on statutory compliances for an MSME entrepreneur. The MFC is tagged to the online Single Application Gateway(SAG) through and act as a single piont to receive all applications made by an entrepreneur to various government entities for complainces and to avail government incentives.

The hands-on facilitation services provided by an MFC to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises entrepreneurs include:

  • All information on statutory compliances needed to set up an enterprise or to avail government incentives.
  • Application forms of all kinds for required certificates, licenses, permission etc. relevant to MSMEs
  • Hand-holding support to fill out the forms.
  • Thorough checking of the forms ensure they are correct in all respects.
  • Submitting the application to the government office by the MFC.
  • Answering any queries that a government office may have
  • Collecting the certificate/license on behalf of the applicant either in person or through single application / electronics mode.

These services are available online through SAG at


Sl.No Name of DIC/Sub DIC Name of MFC Address Contact number e-mail id of GM, DIC
1 Alipurduar Alipurduar Office of the Sub Divisional Land and Land Reforms Office, 2nd Floor, PO-Alipurduar Court,Dist.-Alipurduar 8697207167
2 Bankura Bankura District Industries Centre, Bankura, Machantala,ShilpaBhawan,P.O. & Dist. Bankura, Pin-722 101 03242-254965
3 Birbhum Birbhum District Industries Centre, Birbhum , Commercial Estate ,1st floor, P.O. Suri, Dist. Birbhum, Pin 731 101 03462-255428
4 Burdwan Burdwan District Industries Centre, Burdwan PurtaBhawan, 5th floor, Sadarghat,P.O. & Dist.Burdwan, Pin 713 101 0342-2545122
5 Coochbehar Coochbehar District Industries Centre, Cooch Behar,Kadamtala, Po &Dist - Cooch Behar,Pin-736 101. 03582-222428
6 DakshinDinajpur DakshinDinajpur District Industries Centre,DakshinDinajpur,D.R.D.A.Building,P.O.Balurgrhat, Dist.DakshinDinajpur 03522-255975
7 Darjeeling Darjeeling District Industries Centre, Darjeeling, Old Secretariat Buildings p.o& Dist. Darjeeling, Pin-734101 0354-2254210
8 Durgapur Durgapur DD(Anc.),Durgapur, Ancillary Industries Development Cell, SUB-DIC , Durgapur , CityCentre, Durgapur-713216 0343-2545933
9 Durgapur Asansol Court Compound, Asansol 0341-2254522
10 Hooghly Hooghly Municipal Terminal Building , 1st floor,P.O.Chinsurah, Dist. Hooghly, Pin- 712 101. 033-26802667
11 Howrah Howrah 24 Belilious Road,P.O. & DT. Howrah 711101 033-2653-0206
12 Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri Uttar Kanya, Phoolbari / District Industries Centre Jalpaiguri, Dist:- Jalpaiguri 0353-2568242
13 Kolkata Kolkata 4, Camac Street Kolkata- 16 033-40613062
14 Malda Malda Malda,K.J.Sanyal Road, P.O. & Dist. Malda ,Pin-732-101. 03512-251252
15 Murshidabad Murshidabad District Industries Centre, Murshidabad, 20/1,C.R.Das Road, P.O. Berhampore, Dist.Murshidabad 03482-252206
16 Nadia Nadia District Industries Centre, Bunglow Road,(Anatheswar Road) , P.O. Krishnagar, Dist.Nadia 03472-252496
17 North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs Office of the District Magistrate, North 24 Pgs 033-2542-7861
18 PaschimMedinipur PaschimMedinipur District Industries Centre, PaschimMedinipur,DakBunglow Road, Saratpally, P.O.Midnapore,Dist. PaschimMedinipur, Pin- 721 101 03222-275179
19 PurbaMedinipur PurbaMedinipur District Industries Centre, PurbaMedinipur,DharindaNearn DM Office, PO-Tamluk, Dist-PurbaMedinipur, Pin-721636 03228-263442
20 Purulia Purulia District Industries Centre, Purulia, Collectorate Compound , Near Bus Stand,P.O. & Dist. Purulia,Pin -723 101 03252-223257
21 Siliguri Siliguri Uttar Kanya, Phoolbari, Dist:- Jalpaiguri 0353-2568242
22 South 24 Pgs South 24 Pgs MS Buildings, 2nd Floor, Kasba Industrial Estate,Phase-III, Kolkata -700107 033-24429874
23 Uttar Dinajupur Uttar Dinajupur District Industries Centre, Uttar DinajpurCommercial Estate, Raiganj 03523-252141