Karma Tirtha

Karma Tirtha is a flagship programme of the State Government. The basic objective of Karma Tirtha is to provide an ideal ambience for marketing the products of the artisans, weavers, micro & small entrepreneurs, backward and poor SHG members including women artisans and interaction between them and the consumers, buyers, exporters round the year in an organized manner. Thus Karma Tirtha provides opportunities for organized marketing facilities at the same time there will be wider scope for employment generation through direct and indirect channel.

Each Karma Tirtha is contemplated in such a way that it will be the centre point of economic activity where trade & commerce will thrive. It has also plan to organize exhibition and cultural events to showcase the regional and cultural heritage. Thus Karma Tirtha is planned to act for economic, social and cultural development of the area where the quality of life of the people will be improved.

Karma Tirtha is the exclusive property of the Government of West Bengal. In the 1 st phase, each Karma Tirtha house 30 (thirty) permanent stalls in a single storied building with foundation for two storied structure and an open space for temporary accommodation for economically weak micro artisans/entrepreneurs on rotation basis. In the 2 nd phase there will be a provision of 20 (twenty ) stalls at each floor of a two storied structure with accommodation for meeting room & guest house .

The Govt. of West Bengal has entrusted the job of development of 54 (fifty four) no. of Karma Tirtha(s) at 16(sixteen) districts to the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises & Textiles Deptt. in two phases ( 26 at 1 st phase & 28 at 2 nd phase). The Directorate of MSME is implementing the project since 2014-15. Till date, construction of Karma Tirtha has been completed at 19(nineteen) locations out of which at 17(seventeen) locations, Karma Tirtha (s) have been made functioning. At other 22(twenty two) locations construction is going on.

The locations and major items of trade of KarmaTirtha(s) functioning at different districts are depicted below:

District Block Mouza No of beneficiaries No of stalls No of stalls distributed to the beneficiaries Major trade/activity
Bankura Ranibandh Katium 83 30 30 Bamboo Sabai grass product
Bankura-I Ailakandi 41 30 17 Jute,cane bamboo,dokra,Bell, brass product
Dakshin Dinajpur Gangarampur Bishrail 30 30 30 Readymade garments cyber cafe
Balurghat Chakbakhar 30 30 30 Jute diversified product, wood carving hand embroidery
Tapan Suhari 30 30 30 Readymade garments imitation ornaments
Jalpaiguri Rajganj (Ambari-Falakata) Kismatsukhani 30 30 30 Cane furniture,Tailoring handicraft items
Matelli Satkhaya 30 30 27 Bamboo craft tailoring
Jhargram Jamboni Gidhni 30 30 30 Bamboo wood craft
Nayagram Kharikamathani 30 30 30 SME items
Gopinathballavpur-I NimdihaKoptisole 30 30 30 Bamboo Sabai grass craft
Malda Bamangola Paikpara 169 30 25 Bamboo jute craft
PaschimMedinipur MedinipurSadar Khasjungal 30 30 30 Hand embroidery Zariitem
Sabang Ruinan 31 30 30 Mat(Madur)
PurbaMedinipur Tamluk Hirapur 28 30 28 Handloom item mosquito net
Purulia Raghunathpur-I Bundla 20 26 20 Baluchari sari Ladies garments
Uttar Dinajpur Islampur Illuabari 30 30 30 Jute diversified product Terracotta product

Status of Karma Tirtha as on 02.01.2018

Fortnightly progress report on status of Karmatirtha(s) as on 02.01.2018

District-wise Status Report of Karma Tirtha to be developed by Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise and Textile, Govt of West Bengal

District Block(Mouza) Status
Jalpaiguri Rajganj/ Ambari-Falakata(Kismatsukhani) Construction completed & KT functioning
Matelli(Satkhaya) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Alipurduar Kumargram (Purba Chakchaka) Construction completed & KT functioning
Kalchini(Uttar Latabari) Under construction.
Alipurduar-II (Jasodanga) Construction work not started.
Uttar Dinajpur Islampur(Iluabari) Construction completed & KT functioning
Dakshin Dinajpur Gangarampur(Bishrail) Construction completed & KT functioning
Balurghat(Chakbakhar) Construction completed & KT functioning
Tapan(Suhari) Construction completed & KT functioning
Malda Bamongola (Paikpara) Construction completed & KT functioning
Birbhum Dubrajpur (Bakreswar) Land identified. Construction work not started.
Rajnagar (Rajnagar) Under construction.
Mayureswar-II(Noapara) Land identified. Construction work not started.
Nadia Karimpur-II (Baghdanga) Construction work started.
Hanskhali (Dakshinpara) Construction work started.
Purba Burdwan Memari-II (Mondalgram) Under construction.
Monteswar (Raigram) construction.
Aushgram-II (Bahadurpur) Under construction.
Katwa-II ( Singi) Under construction.
Galsi-II(Galsi) Construction work started.
Ketugram-II(Balutia) Construction work started.
Paschim Bardhaman Andal ( Bhadur) Under construction.
Salanpur(Achra) Construction work started.
Barabani (Panuria) Under construction.
Pandabeswar (Haripur) Under construction.
Bankura Ranibandh (Katium) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Bankura-I (Ailakandi) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Joypur (Jadabnagar) Under construction.
Saltora (Saltora) Under construction.
Gangajalghati ( Bhairabpur) Under construction.
Sarenga (Bara Amjhore) Under construction.
Bankura-II (Kuraria) Construction work not started.
Hirbandh (Molian) Construction work not started.
Khatra (Salboni) Construction work not started.
Katulpur (Katulpur) Construction work not started.
Taldangra (Panchmura) Land identified. Construction work not started.
Indpur (Nayekhir) Land identified. Construction work not started.
Purulia Raghunathpur-I (Bundla) Open Now
Paschim Medinipur MedinipurSadar(Khasjungle) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Narayangarh (Bahurupa) Under construction.
Sabang(Ruinan) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Howrah Domjur (Makardaha) Construction work started.
Shyampur-II (Ajodhya) Under construction.
Shyampur-I (Srirampur) Construction work not started.
Uluberia-I (Banitabla) Construction work not started.
Jhargram Jamboni (Gidhni) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Gopiballavpur-I(NimdihaKoptisole) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Nayagram (Kharikamathani) Construction completed & KT functioning.
South 24 Parganas Sagar (Gangasagar) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Purba Medinipur Tamluk(Hirapur) Construction completed & KT functioning.
Ramnagar-I (Bilamria at Digha) Construction completed but KT not functioning.
Ramnagar-II (Kanchibar) Under construction.
Patashpur-II(Matirampur) Construction completed but KT not functioning.
Nandakumar(Mahammadpur) Construction work not started.