Directors Since Inception

The Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprisesunder the Department of Micro & Small Scale Enterprises and Textile, Govt. of West Bengal, is an important agency for the growth and promotion of Micro & Small Enterprise in West Bengal.


The main objective of the Directorate to facilitate growth and promote MSE, Cottage, Handicrafts, Coir & Lac Sector and to impart training to new and old entrepreneur. The motto of the team of the Directorate either at the Head Quarter, or in the District / Block level is to identify and train prospective entrepreneur and to extend infrastructure support to the entrepreneur of the State.

The District Industries Centre (DICs) programme was started by the central government in 1978 with the objective of providing a focal point for promoting small, tiny, cottage and village industries in a particular area and to make available to them all necessary services and facilities at one place.

The District Industries Centres are concentrating on self-employment generating schemes. The Head Quarters of the Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprisesis located at 4th, 8th, 9th & 12th floor of New Secretariat Buildings, 1, K.S. Roy Road, Kolkata-700 001. The Handicraft Section is located at 4th floor, 2, Church Lane & 4th floor, Hemanta Basu Bhawan, 12, B.B.D.Bag, Kolkata-700 001.

The Directorate and DICs are equipped with specialized officers like engineers, technologist, economist, statistician, food processing experts supported by managerial and other officials. There are 22 District Industries Centres and Sub-DICs. There are four zones headed by Joint Directors at Howrah, Durgapur, Siliguri and Berhampore.

In each District Industries Centre, there are groups of Managers in the rank of Asst. Director and also a number of Industrial Development officers to assist the General Manager who is the organizational Head of the District. Moreover in each block of the state and in some boroughs of Kolkata and Howrah Municipal Corporation one Industrial Development Officer is posted under the control of Block Development Officer or G.M., DIC, Kolkata and Howrah in case of Borough , respectively.

Office Location

The Hd. Qtr. of the Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprisesis located at 4th, 8th, 9th & 12th floor of New Secretariat Buildings. The Handicraft Section is located at 4th floor, 2, Church Lane & 4th floor, Hemanta Basu Bhawan, 12, B.B.D.Bag, Kolkata. There are 19 District Industries Centres at District Hd. Qtr. and 4 Sub-DICs at Durgapur, Haldia Siliguri and Baruipur. These DICs/Sub DICs are divided into four zones viz. Howrah Zone, Durgapur Zone, Berhampore Zone and Siliguri Zone having their offices at Dte. Hd. Qr., Durgapur, Kalyani and Siliguri respectively. Zonal offices are headed by Joint Directors.

Zonal Concept

To identify the superintendence and control in respect of activities of the different DICs, Sub-DICs, four zonal offices under the direct supervision of Joint Director have been started. Four zones are Howrah, Durgapur, Berhampore and Siliguri.

Directors Since Inception

1Sri U. SWAROOP, IAS16-07-2021----
2Devi Prasad Karanam, IAS19-05-202115-07-2021
3Nikhil Nirmal, IAS12-04-202119-05-2021
4Sri Anurag Srivastava, IAS10-06-201907-04-2021
5Vijay Vharti, IAS01-08-201631-05-2019
6R. Alice Vaz, IAS29-01-201601-08-2016
7Devi Prasad Karanam, IAS01-07-201515-01-2016
8Dr. Asvini Kumar Yadav, IAS09-07-201201-07-2015
9Janab Khalil Ahemed, IAS30-03-201109-07-2012
10Shri R. K. Sinha, IAS29-03-201030-03-2011
11Dr. Archana, IAS10-08-200924-03-2010
12Shri Hridayesh Mohan, IAS25-06-200809-08-2009
13Dr. Aariz Aftab, IAS16-08-200725-06-2008
14Shri Manoj Pant, IAS02-08-200715-08-2007
15Shri A. Chaudhuri, IAS07-05-200731-07-2007
16Shri N. C. Dey, W.B.C.S. (Exe.)26-04-200706-05-2007
17Shri A. Subbiah, IAS02-04-200725-04-2007
18Shri Arun Bal, IAS02-08-200601-04-2007
19Shri S. Chakraborti, IAS14-07-200301-08-2006
20Shri A. R. Bardhan, IAS16-05-200314-07-2003
21Shri S. Chakraborti, IAS01-11-200216-05-2003
22Shri H. Ramalu, IAS17-09-200231-10-2002
23Shri S. K. Thade, IAS12-06-200206-09-2002
24Shri H. Ramalu, IAS30-05-200211-06-2002
25Shri Balbir Ram, IAS01-09-200029-05-2002
26Shri D. Som, IAS06-08-199831-08-2000
27Shri Basudeb Banerjee, IAS30-09-199631-07-1998
28Shri Gopal Krishna, IAS18-10-199522-07-1996
29Shri D. Mukhopadhyay, IAS31-12-199315-09-1995
30Shri Sabyasachi Sen, IAS11-12-199020-12-1993
31Shri S. N Chowdhury, IAS03-08-198910-12-1990
32Shri A. Maiti, IAS03-07-198902-08-1989
33Smt. K. Chaudhuri, IAS15-06-198802-07-1989
34Shri A. M. Chakrabarti, IAS12-11-198503-06-1988
35Shri B. N. Mukherjee, IAS19-08-198511-11-1985
36Shri S. K. Moitra, IAS08-07-198518-08-1985
37Shri Jawhar Sircar, IAS12-05-198407-07-1985
38Smt. K. Gupta Menon, IAS02-05-198311-05-1984
39Shri S. N. Roy, IAS16-01-197801-05-1983
40Shri B. N. Mandal, IAS16-01-197515-01-1978
41Shri A. Deb, IAS16-05-197315-01-1975
42Shri A. K. Ghorai, IAS10-04-197315-05-1973
43Shri R. K. Saggi, IAS01-04-197309-04-1973
44Shri S. P. De, IAS01-04-197231-03-1973
45 Shri Arun Sen, IAS01-02-197231-03-1972
46Shri K. Mishra, IAS09-06-197031-01-1972
47Shri B. C. Mukherjee, IAS02-07-196808-06-1970
48Shri A. Choudhury, IAS08-11-196701-07-1968