Directorate of MSME extends the following types of assistance and escort services to enterpreneurs

In the present scenario of industrialization, the task of motivating the future generation entrepreneurs is the focus of attention throughout the State. Considering the real need, the Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, wants to adopt more intensive services for elimination of communication gap. Before planning to go for setting up of any micro, small or medium enterprise strong determination and calculated risk taking ability are must and form the basic strength of it and the proponent. The product identification should be in respect of its technical and economic aspects and particularly its smooth marketability. Prime consideration in most of the products should be availability of local raw materials, skill and items in and around the zone of operation may be tried into. To know your entitlements / statutory compliances while setting up your enterprise, visit

Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises through its field office of District Industries Centre at district and through Industrial Development Officer posted at block level provide necessary inputs, information to the entrepreneurs for setting up of enterprises and related matter. Type of assistance provided as follows:

Pre-investment Stage

Assistance in the form of
  • Motivational programmes/seminars/campaigns to attract new entrepreneurs.
  • Interaction with Officers/Field Level Officers
  • Introduction to PMEGP and other self employment generating programmes
  • Consultancy for preparing Schemes
  • For getting Pollution Clearance.
  • To facilitate Inter-departmental linkages withWBSEB/CESC/Bank/WBFC/Telephone/PCB etc.
  • Training support-EDP/Training to the Artisans.
  • Sponsoring of loan cases to different financial institution.

Investment Stage

  • Infrastructural support through WBSIDC; RURAL HAAT; URBAN HAAT; KARMATIRTHA etc.
  • Other types of fiscal support like share capital support to indl./Handicrafts Co-opp. Society, managerial support etc. For venture capital support Visit

Post-investment Stage

  • Application for UdyogAadhaar Memorandum.
  • To provide subsidy
  • Marketing support, participation in industrial fairs
  • Counseling support – on delayed payment issues.
  • Support for technology, modernization, R&Dthrough Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises TFC. Visit
  • Support for Quality control facility
  • Support for expansion/Ancilarisation.
  • Buyers sellers meet in collaboration with MSMEDI

The following types of assistance and escort services provided by District Industries Centre to the entrepreneurs.

  • Technical support for preparation of Project Report.
  • Information on sources of machinery and equipments.
  • Priority in Power supply / Telephone connection.
  • Assistance of getting Land / shed in Industrial Estates.
  • Promotion of New Industrial Estates / Growth centers.
  • Approval of Project Reports of Noble / Special types.
  • Promotion of Electronic Industries.
  • Training through Entrepreneurship Development Programmed.
  • Financial Assistance through Bank / WBFC.
  • Financial Assistance under Self Employment Schemes.
  • Assistance under Equipment Leasing Scheme and Hire Purchase of Machinery Scheme of the NSIC Ltd.
  • Marketing linkage with Central Govt. / State Govt. organisations / Undertakings.
  • Marketing Assistance through WBSIDC / NSIC Ltd./ CEO.
  • Ancillary Industry tie-up with Govt, undertakings.
  • Marketing Information.
  • Marketing Assistance through Participation in Exhibitions, Trade Fairs / Buyers-Sellers Meet etc.
  • Marketing Assistance of Handicrafts artisans through participation in Handicrafts Expo / Exhibition both inside and outside the State.
  • Linkage with organisation like WBHDC / WB State Handicrafts Coop. Society Ltd./ Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).
  • Attending problems related to SSI Registration / Bank Loan / Marketing of Products etc.
  • Linkage with Research Institute like CMERI / CGCRI / NML / CFTRI / JTRL/ IJIRA etc. for Technology Upgradation and Innovation.
  • Financial Assistance for Modernisation through WBFC / SIDBI / Scheduled Bank.
  • Skill Development Training with the help of organisation like RTC etc.
  • Management qualities improvement through Training, Workshop, Seminars.
  • Export Assistance.
  • In plant study of SSI units.
  • Standardisation of products, implementation of ISO-9000 quality system and certification.
  • Sick unit Revitalisation.
  • National Level Awards for innovative products / outstanding growth / exports etc.
  • Promotion of products towards exploitation of Non-conventional Energy Sources.
  • Assistance under Coir Development Schemes.
  • Registration of Industrial Cooperative and extending Financial assistance to them.
  • Pollution Control measures and Assistance for obtaining pollution clearances.
  • Assistance under Schemes promoted by W.B. Minority Dev. Finance Corporation / KVI Board / other Govt. Deptt.
  • Design and Production Development for Handicrafts.
  • Awards to Handicrafts artisans.
  • Development of Lac Industries.
  • Awards to SSI units for Export.
  • Implementation of Households Electrical appliance (Quality Control) Order 1981.
  • Assistance under West Bengal Incentive Scheme, 2007.
  • Information / Assistance towards setting up of Downstream Petrochemical Units under SSI Sector.
  • Old age Pension to Handicrafts Artisans.
  • MMTRTC Training.
  • Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme
  • Setting up of Urban Haat for providing marketing assistance to Handicraft artisans.
  • Handicrafts Museum at EZCC, Salt Lake.
  • Participation in Foreign Trade Fairs.
  • Conducting Market studies for handicrafts in foreign countries.